Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ninja Carrot Stickers

A little while ago I was knocking around on Twitter (like we all do!) when I came across a freebie from Moo.com (Thanks to a retweet from @Iamassault). 52 stickers for nothing with your own design printed on them. Well I'm not one to pass up a freebie so I jumped in with both feet and they arrived today. Just in case you're wondering, the only connection I have with these guys is that they sent me some free stuff so I'm posting about it.

Free stuff is always awesome.
As you can see its a nice little package. Got some bonus stickers with a re-order code and a nice little card folder with all my Ninja Carrot stickers in it. The quality is very good, they are plastic coated or laminated so its a nice glossy finish and I'm quite pleased with the colour. Orange is a particularly troublesome colour with CMYK printing but these came out nice and bright with lots of detail. Cue the close-up.

Ninja Carrot / Doodle Dojo goodness in sticker form.
The upload and design tool was nice and easy to understand and they even give you a couple of hours to change your mind. Overall the only slight downside was the turn around time, but then if I had paid them some cash maybe that would be different? Now all I have to do is find some places to stick them!

Of course if you want some Ninja Carrot stuff you can get it at the Doodle Dojo Store.