Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Depressed Snail

A very depressed snail
This is one unhappy snail. I get the impression that he's had a particularly bad day today. You know the sort of thing. Your keys go missing, you forget to take any money for your lunch, you miss the bus. The sort of day you would rather forget. Well this otherwise perfectly ordinary snail has had one of those days and he doesn't appreciate people just looking at him at the end of it.

I think that all snails feel like this the whole time. Don't really know why, must just be something about the way the carry themselves (and their shells). What would a snail actually get depressed about though? Its such along way to that leaf? I hate crawling over concrete? Oh no they've put those pellet things down again?

Anyway this happy little fella is taken and modified from the Snail Stampede banner I did for Creaturemag. The reason he's up here today is that I've added myself to RedBubble and this guy is my first upload. Go along and check him out!