Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Blue Worried Monster

Little Blue Monster
New doodle today is the little blue monster. Could do with a better name really but that's what I've come up with so far! Added a bit of background on this one, mostly because I don't usually and its always good to do something different. Tried a new technique on the outlines as well to give them a little more variation. I'm quite pleased with the end result although he does look a little concerned for some reason.

Thought I would include a couple of my early sketches in this post too. First is the original pencil doodle that got me started. Looks a bit angry in this one and I didn't like the horns, but the face has potential, so I did a few more trying to get a better shape.

Then I started on a pen version. I do like getting a bit scribbly with pens and creating a bit of shape with my shading. Still not quite right though, head is a bit big but the face is now pretty much how I wanted it.

Then it was on to the Mac and do it properly. Give everything a good tweak to get it just right, and then post it up for you to have a look at. What do you think?

As usual you can find the little blue monster in the Doodle Dojo store on lots of different suff. Let me know if you think he belongs on something that I've missed out!