Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Want my Mummy!

Epic Mummy button
Epic Mummy by DoodleDojo

Following on from my last post (sort of) here's a mummy's head. This is a slightly more traditional egyptian mummy. The Egyptians used to mummify people by pulling out their internal organs and drying out the remains of their body using salts. The organs were placed into jars and buried with the mummy along with treasures for the dead person to use in the next life. Thankfully (or disappointingly?) no mummies have ever been seen coming back to life. But I suppose there's always a first time. 

I'd be pretty fed-up if I'd spent the last few thousand years trapped in a stone box with a bunch of treasure. Especially if I'd been promised a luxury life in the next world! No wonder the ones in films are always groaning and moaning and chasing people about.

 Haven't done a tattooed one yet, but the idea is still bubbling away back there in the depths of my head.

Anyway if you like him, go and have a look at the store.