Friday, September 30, 2011

December Calendar Draw Up For Voting

December 2012 Calendar Page

The Doodlers Anonymous 2012 Calendar draw for December is now open for voting. This one (like the last two) is to get featured in their 2012 calendar, available from the Doodlers Anonymous site later in the year. As usual the only rule is no computers, so it was time to get stuck into a sketchbook and scribble away furiously.

The theme is nice and easy for December at least! You don't really have a lot of choice in that one, the only question left is what exactly to draw. In my opinion the tree is the most important Christmas decoration of them all. You have to have one to keep your presents under at the very least. So thats what I went with. Hope you like it, any votes are very much appreciated!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kurgan Fried Chicken on Qwertee

Vote for Kurgan on Qwertee
The Highlander themed Kurgan Fried Chicken is up for voting on Qwertee. I need your help to get it printed though. More votes means more chance of being able to get hold of it nice and cheap and in a good quality screen print as well. They have loads of good shirts over there, and lots of chances to win free tees as well. So if you are a T-shirt fanatic you really should already be a member. If you don't I'll send this guy round to persuade you, and you don't want that.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fish Slapping Dance

Two gentleman prepare to start the fish slapping dance.
The traditional British fish slapping dance. This ritual dates back many years and was on the verge of being forgotten. Then the celebrated filmmaker Monty Python recorded his documentary on the subject and the practice was reinvigorated. Now people all over the country can be found slapping their fellow man in the face with the biggest fish they can find.

The fish slapping dance is a Monty Python classic. The art of surrealist comedy distilled down to its barest essence in 15 seconds. Two men, three fish and a canal, this is humour at its best. So when I realised that nobody else seems to have tackled this particular scene through the medium of illustration, I knew that I would have to give it my best shot. So here is the result.

Of course if you head over to the Doodle Dojo store, you too can celebrate this British tradition with a T-shirt.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kurgan Fried Chicken

Kurgan Fried Chicken
Highlander is one of those classic movies from the old days that is sure to be remade very soon. A great premise, superb music and great action. There isn't much that can compare to immortals trying to hack each others head off with large swords after all. Then they had to go and make a sequel that had nothing to do with the original story and spoil the whole thing. Still we can all pretend that never happened and carry on with our lives.

But what if the Kurgan took his love of fried chicken and tried to make some cash from it? This is what I like to think that would look like. You can even get some good tag lines out of it: There can be only one. It's a kind of magic. Don't lose your head, etc. etc. I wonder if there's a gap in the market?

My choice of lunch the other day inspired this one. I think I was probably humming a certain Queen song to myself as the local KFC came into view. Once I remembered that he was called the Kurgan it was a done deal. I couldn't quite believe that nobody else had made the connection, so I thought I better had and here is the result.

As usual, if you head on over to the Doodle Dojo Store you can get yourself this guy on a T-shirt.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Evil Cow

Evil Cow
This is one of my latest works of weirdness. I don't  really know why, does a cow need a reason to be evil beyond beef burgers? This is obviously a very rare carnivorous cow that has probably developed a taste for human flesh. I kind of like the expression of pure nastiness, and of course the hypnotic evil eyes as well. Sometimes I guess you just have to go with what pops into your head!

As usual the Evil cow is available on lots of products, including T-shirts, hoodies, badges and bags over on the Doodle Dojo Store.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

October Calendar Draw Up For Voting

October 2012 Calendar Page
The Doodlers Anonymous 2012 Calendar draw is now on to October (a little early but I guess they need to get stuff ready!). Doodlers Anonymous is a site for people who just have to doodle and draw whenever they get the chance and, along with featuring great artists, they also run a few challenges. This one (like last time) is to get featured in their 2012 calendar which will be available from the Doodlers Anonymous site later in the year. The only rule? No computers. Get yourself a pen or pencil or any other way of making a mark on a piece of paper and create a calendar page for October.

Well this one is a little abstract for me, but it does have some sort of basis in reality. We went for a short break last weekend, and on the way we stopped off at the New Forest to see the deer at Bolderwood. Its always amazing watching a whole herd of deer just wandering around taking no notice of us humans. We went for a bit of a walk after and found the remains of an fallen tree. As you can see from the photo, the roots look incredible and so thats what I've (loosely) based my illustration on.

Collapsed trees a might seem a tenuous connection to October, but that's the way my mind works so there you go. I thought I might need to add some details that suggest Autumn a bit more directly as well, so hopefully my little sketches in the empty date boxes should help with that!

So now the voting begins! Get on over to the showcase page and click favourite on your favourites. Thanks in advance to anyone who votes for mine, much appreciated!