Wednesday, July 13, 2011

August Calendar Draw Up For Voting

August 2012 Calendar Page

This is my entry for the Doodlers Anonymous August 2012 Calendar draw. Its a site for people who just have to doodle and draw whenever they get the chance and, along with featuring great artists, they also run a few challenges. This one is to get featured in their 2012 calendar which will be available from the Doodlers Anonymous site later in the year. The only rule? No computers. Get yourself a pen or pencil or any other way of making a mark on a piece of paper and create a calendar page for August.

I thought that sounded like fun so I pulled out the sketchpad and started scribbling away on a new illustration. If you've looked through my work before you've probably noticed that most of it is vectors (I love illustrator!) I do a lot of sketching before I get to that stage though, so it wasn't as much out of the ordinary as it first seems. I was just finished one step earlier!

August for me is the time of summer holidays and getting out to the seaside. Where I am that almost always means there is a pier nearby. So what better symbol of a hot, sunny, summer month is there than a pier with a fun fair and an ice cream booth. I thought I should carry on the seaside theme and fill in the gaps in the calendar with a few underwater items too. Its all drawn first in pencil and then gone over with a nice fine black pen.

So all I need now are some votes. So does everyone else who entered, so get yourself over to the showcase page and vote for your favourites (you have until Monday) and help decide what 2012 will look like. If you fancy adding a vote for me I will, of course, be eternally grateful. Well possibly not eternally, but for quite a long time at least!