Monday, May 16, 2011

Ninja Carrot!

The vegetable patch is a dark and dangerous place. Especially if you're at the bottom of the food chain. You're going to need some serious skills to survive for long and Ninja Carrot has the most awesome ninja skills of all. Trained by an elite clan of warrior carrots that were sadly destroyed in an unfortunate carrot-cake related incident, this silent warrior seeks revenge. Armed only with his cunning and excellent night vision (and a complete set of ninja weapons), he hunts down anyone who stands in his path.

As we all know, ninjas are totally sweet and awesome. So are carrots when prepared the right way. So the idea of ninja carrot came about. Seems like a fun one so I think I might carry on with this guy. He needs some pics with other weapons and stuff at the very least.

In the mean time you can head on over to the store to get some cool ninja carrot stuff before he totally flips out and kills everyone.