Saturday, July 23, 2011

Punch & Judy for Craft Guerrilla

Craft Guerrilla is a website and Zine based in East London. They organise craft events and support Artist Makers. Recently they asked if anyone would like to do any illustrations for their zine and so I offered my services. The theme was obviously summer, so I thought of a good old Punch and Judy show. Its a little old fashioned but still a very traditional sort of summery, beachy type of thing so I thought it would be perfect. Luckily they agreed and so my picture was chosen to be printed in their latest issue.

As this is for a craft Zine I thought I had better stay traditional and so I stuck to hand drawing with my trusty black pen for this one. The crocodile scenes are my favourite part of Punch and Judy so thats what I decided to draw. I really enjoyed doing all the little detail bits on the stage and getting the texture and shading just right. 

The best bit though, was getting my copy of the zine and seeing my work in print. Especially when I saw that my drawing is opposite a recipe for a cocktail called the zombie. I'm definitely going to try that one out! You can get yourself a copy of the zine if you visit the Craft Guerrilla website and go the shopping page. They have it available as a downloadable PDF and of course you can have a paper copy mailed to you if you want.