Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evil Genius Plotting to Rule the World!

The Evil Genius
Every really good movie needs an evil genius somewhere in it, and this is my idea of what he should look like.

I guess he could be a mad scientist but in my mind there's not a lot of difference between them. He's prepared for every eventuality, you can see he even has a plan B prepared just in case the hero manages to infiltrate his underground lair or thwart his diabolical plan. Its something that always seems to be missed out in films. The hero (usually James Bond) always finds the bad guy just before his plan succeeds so I reckon its worth preparing for that. This particular evil genius also has some useful tools, just in case he needs to make running repairs to his latest technological masterpiece. He's like a boy scout. An evil boy scout. Hmm there's a thought!

The only thing he needs now is a private army of minions, ready to do his bidding. So, want to sign up? He's at the store on lots of cool stuff.

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  1. Love the way he's lurking stealthily behind his collar!