Monday, July 18, 2011

Vote For Me On Qwertee

Now up for voting on Qwertee
I've just posted Don't make me angry up on Qwertee for voting. If it gets enough votes it gets printed and goes on sale for two days for the amazing price of £8! Of course it needs lots of votes to get to that stage so thats where you come in. If you would like the chance to get one of these t-shirts for a ridiculously cheap price you need to get on over to the Qwertee site and vote.

Of course if you have no patience (or perhaps green is just not your colour) its also still available on RedBubble.

Update: Thanks to Doug at the Hulk Discussion Boards for posting a link to this on the forum. Hope any visitors from there like it!


In other news I didn't quite make it into the Doodlers Anonymous Calendar. But I did make it to second! So huge thanks to everyone who voted, I'm really pleased with that result for a first try. I'll be back with something even better in October.