Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Your Ass to Mars

Get Your Ass to Mars!
Total Recall is one of my favourite movies and this line is just classic stuff. I felt that there just aren't enough tributes to this iconic moment in cinema. So I made my own. It needed a little bit of an update to bring it in line with the way the world works now so thats where the tablet screen comes in. Not exactly cute or funny this time, but now and again you need a little blood and gore to set the scene. You can almost hear Arnie saying it in his Austrian accent.

I'm also taking this opportunity to introduce my new website, That's where I've gathered up all my T-shirt design into one convenient place so you can browse through the designs without having to put up with my rambling.

So if you want a print, poster or even a T-shirt of this classic sci-fi moment get on over to the 'Get Your Ass to Mars' page on Doodle Dojo and buy yourself one. I've got five kids to feed!*

*I don't have five kids.