Monday, May 9, 2011

Maori Mummified Head

Mummified Maori Head - Image from Reuters
This incredible mummified Maori head is being returned to New Zealand after a 136 year French holiday. The head was apparently given to a museum in Rouen in 1875 by a mysterious man called Drouet.

Not only does it look amazing but its got a mysterious story as well, how could it get any better! The tattoos on the face are incredible. It doesn't exactly look brand new but it certainly doesn't look over a century old.

Apparently these were kept as battle trophies. I don't think I would keep one for long though, those empty eye sockets would start to bore into you after a while. Can you imagine a zombie with that on top of his neck? Now that would be properly scary! Not one of those slow, shambling zombies either, this guy would be a full-on sprinter.

But it might make a pretty good picture, I can feel inspiration hitting me already! :D