Sunday, February 3, 2013

Samurai Nightmare

Sam Lowry's nemesis from the movie Brazil
Have you ever seen Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil? If so you probably recognise this samurai warrior from Sam's dreams. Apparently he represents the bureaucracy and oppression of Sam's working life and his ultimate realisation that he is actively oppressing himself. Alternatively he is the bad-ass metal samurai trying to lop off Sam's head and trying to steal his girl. Needless to say, Sam eventually defeats him. I won't go on about it because otherwise you'll have no reason to watch the film.

I wanted to give this an old-fashioned woodcut or etching feel. Lots of hatching later I think it came across pretty well. The colours started out as tones of red and orange but I had a good play around and found this little combo. It reminds me of willow pattern plates and I thought that fit pretty well with the subject matter. Funny how the original idea can be changed so much by seeing it in physical form.

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