Sunday, January 27, 2013

No.1 The Larch

Useful information from Monty Python
This is (as it should be) a bit of a silly one. I don't really know what got me thinking about Monty Python but I always like the ridiculous, seemingly unconnected, in between bits. "How to recognise different trees from quite a long way away," is one of those bits that always makes me wonder where the Pythons' came up with it. Is there a book somewhere in the world with this title? Perhaps there is a whole series broken down into volumes covering all the major continents (except Antartica of course, it would be very empty)? Has anyone ever needed to identify a tree from quite a long way away?

Regardless if you want to get a head start on recognising trees make sure you get hold of this design. Its available from Redbubble and Society6 on T-shirts, prints, iPhone cases and stickers. All the details are on the Doodle Dojo Store.