Saturday, February 11, 2012

Station's Most Bodacious Creations

Station's Creations, the good robot Bill and Ted
Bill and Ted, the two most excellent time travellers, need a bit of help to defeat their evil robot counterparts. So they enlist the help of the two-part alien Station to build them some good robot buddies. Not only do they totally defeat the evil robots, they also make pretty good backup dancers for Wyld Stallyns.

Time travel, rock and silliness combined into two awesome movies? What coud be better? Not much if you are me so I thought it was time to add a bit more Bill and Ted to my doodle collection. The robots never seem to get too much attention, which is a shame because I think they look great. Especially in full air guitar mode.

Station's Creations is available on T-shirts, iPhone cases, stickers and prints on Redbubble. Not forgetting the prints, iPhone cases and laptop skins you can get from Society6.