Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Your Ass to Mars

Get Your Ass to Mars!
Total Recall is one of my favourite movies and this line is just classic stuff. I felt that there just aren't enough tributes to this iconic moment in cinema. So I made my own. It needed a little bit of an update to bring it in line with the way the world works now so thats where the tablet screen comes in. Not exactly cute or funny this time, but now and again you need a little blood and gore to set the scene. You can almost hear Arnie saying it in his Austrian accent.

I'm also taking this opportunity to introduce my new website, That's where I've gathered up all my T-shirt design into one convenient place so you can browse through the designs without having to put up with my rambling.

So if you want a print, poster or even a T-shirt of this classic sci-fi moment get on over to the 'Get Your Ass to Mars' page on Doodle Dojo and buy yourself one. I've got five kids to feed!*

*I don't have five kids.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Punch & Judy for Craft Guerrilla

Craft Guerrilla is a website and Zine based in East London. They organise craft events and support Artist Makers. Recently they asked if anyone would like to do any illustrations for their zine and so I offered my services. The theme was obviously summer, so I thought of a good old Punch and Judy show. Its a little old fashioned but still a very traditional sort of summery, beachy type of thing so I thought it would be perfect. Luckily they agreed and so my picture was chosen to be printed in their latest issue.

As this is for a craft Zine I thought I had better stay traditional and so I stuck to hand drawing with my trusty black pen for this one. The crocodile scenes are my favourite part of Punch and Judy so thats what I decided to draw. I really enjoyed doing all the little detail bits on the stage and getting the texture and shading just right. 

The best bit though, was getting my copy of the zine and seeing my work in print. Especially when I saw that my drawing is opposite a recipe for a cocktail called the zombie. I'm definitely going to try that one out! You can get yourself a copy of the zine if you visit the Craft Guerrilla website and go the shopping page. They have it available as a downloadable PDF and of course you can have a paper copy mailed to you if you want.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vote For Me On Qwertee

Now up for voting on Qwertee
I've just posted Don't make me angry up on Qwertee for voting. If it gets enough votes it gets printed and goes on sale for two days for the amazing price of £8! Of course it needs lots of votes to get to that stage so thats where you come in. If you would like the chance to get one of these t-shirts for a ridiculously cheap price you need to get on over to the Qwertee site and vote.

Of course if you have no patience (or perhaps green is just not your colour) its also still available on RedBubble.

Update: Thanks to Doug at the Hulk Discussion Boards for posting a link to this on the forum. Hope any visitors from there like it!


In other news I didn't quite make it into the Doodlers Anonymous Calendar. But I did make it to second! So huge thanks to everyone who voted, I'm really pleased with that result for a first try. I'll be back with something even better in October.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

August Calendar Draw Up For Voting

August 2012 Calendar Page

This is my entry for the Doodlers Anonymous August 2012 Calendar draw. Its a site for people who just have to doodle and draw whenever they get the chance and, along with featuring great artists, they also run a few challenges. This one is to get featured in their 2012 calendar which will be available from the Doodlers Anonymous site later in the year. The only rule? No computers. Get yourself a pen or pencil or any other way of making a mark on a piece of paper and create a calendar page for August.

I thought that sounded like fun so I pulled out the sketchpad and started scribbling away on a new illustration. If you've looked through my work before you've probably noticed that most of it is vectors (I love illustrator!) I do a lot of sketching before I get to that stage though, so it wasn't as much out of the ordinary as it first seems. I was just finished one step earlier!

August for me is the time of summer holidays and getting out to the seaside. Where I am that almost always means there is a pier nearby. So what better symbol of a hot, sunny, summer month is there than a pier with a fun fair and an ice cream booth. I thought I should carry on the seaside theme and fill in the gaps in the calendar with a few underwater items too. Its all drawn first in pencil and then gone over with a nice fine black pen.

So all I need now are some votes. So does everyone else who entered, so get yourself over to the showcase page and vote for your favourites (you have until Monday) and help decide what 2012 will look like. If you fancy adding a vote for me I will, of course, be eternally grateful. Well possibly not eternally, but for quite a long time at least!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ninja Carrot Stickers

A little while ago I was knocking around on Twitter (like we all do!) when I came across a freebie from (Thanks to a retweet from @Iamassault). 52 stickers for nothing with your own design printed on them. Well I'm not one to pass up a freebie so I jumped in with both feet and they arrived today. Just in case you're wondering, the only connection I have with these guys is that they sent me some free stuff so I'm posting about it.

Free stuff is always awesome.
As you can see its a nice little package. Got some bonus stickers with a re-order code and a nice little card folder with all my Ninja Carrot stickers in it. The quality is very good, they are plastic coated or laminated so its a nice glossy finish and I'm quite pleased with the colour. Orange is a particularly troublesome colour with CMYK printing but these came out nice and bright with lots of detail. Cue the close-up.

Ninja Carrot / Doodle Dojo goodness in sticker form.
The upload and design tool was nice and easy to understand and they even give you a couple of hours to change your mind. Overall the only slight downside was the turn around time, but then if I had paid them some cash maybe that would be different? Now all I have to do is find some places to stick them!

Of course if you want some Ninja Carrot stuff you can get it at the Doodle Dojo Store.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry!

Available Now on RedBubble
Everyone has days where the slightest touch can set you into a fuming rage of anger. This is known the world over as 'hulking out'. If its going to be one of those days today, the least you can do is warn the people around you to stay well away from the blue touch-paper. After all everyone deserves a happy life and this little reminder might give everyone a better chance to get along. Besides if they don't take any notice, they can hardly claim they weren't warned!

So next time you feel you might turn green, make sure you've got one of these available to keep the rest of the world safe. You can even get more than one if you're the sort of person who will need one every day of the week. In a world of health and safety, its the only decent thing to do.

Go and get yourself a Don't Make Me Angry T-shirt at RedBubble.