Thursday, September 1, 2011

October Calendar Draw Up For Voting

October 2012 Calendar Page
The Doodlers Anonymous 2012 Calendar draw is now on to October (a little early but I guess they need to get stuff ready!). Doodlers Anonymous is a site for people who just have to doodle and draw whenever they get the chance and, along with featuring great artists, they also run a few challenges. This one (like last time) is to get featured in their 2012 calendar which will be available from the Doodlers Anonymous site later in the year. The only rule? No computers. Get yourself a pen or pencil or any other way of making a mark on a piece of paper and create a calendar page for October.

Well this one is a little abstract for me, but it does have some sort of basis in reality. We went for a short break last weekend, and on the way we stopped off at the New Forest to see the deer at Bolderwood. Its always amazing watching a whole herd of deer just wandering around taking no notice of us humans. We went for a bit of a walk after and found the remains of an fallen tree. As you can see from the photo, the roots look incredible and so thats what I've (loosely) based my illustration on.

Collapsed trees a might seem a tenuous connection to October, but that's the way my mind works so there you go. I thought I might need to add some details that suggest Autumn a bit more directly as well, so hopefully my little sketches in the empty date boxes should help with that!

So now the voting begins! Get on over to the showcase page and click favourite on your favourites. Thanks in advance to anyone who votes for mine, much appreciated!