Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nerd Britannia

The ultimate nerd team
I went to see Skyfall not long ago. Great film, loads of new style Bond action and a pretty good spy story too. It reminded me more of the older movies than the last couple. They have changed up a few people this time around and one of the main additions is a new Q. As soon as he appeared on screen you could see what a nerdy guy he is. He instantly made me think of that other totally British nerd from the IT Crowd, Maurice Moss. The hair, the glasses, the fascination with word games. There is no doubt that these two would get on like the proverbial house on fire. So a little bit of sketching later, this is what I came up with.

As always, this design is now available on Redbubble and Society6, all the details on the Doodle Dojo Store.