Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moustache Men for Movember

Moustache Men - an evolutionary relative of the wookies.
These are the mysterious moustache men. I doodled these for Creaturemag's Moustache Illustration Awards. The brief is nice and open, draw something moustache related. Success with these guys I think! I tried to cover the full gamut of moustache styles and colours. I figure they are probably about 6 inches tall and live in a very cold part of the world. Their extravagant facial hair could be used to attract females during the mating season and also protect them from the thorny bushes in their natural environment.

My entry is now up on Creaturemag for viewing along with a whole bunch of other awesome moustache related pictures, so take a look. The awards are in support of Movember which aims to raise awareness of men's health issues, so its in all for a good cause too. Not only that but all the illustrations will get published in an ebook at the end of the month, result!