Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cavorite - A Remarkable Alloy

Invented by Dr. Cavor in H.G. Wells First Men in the Moon
As you might have spotted, I'm a bit of a science fiction geek. So for this one I've gone back about as far as its possible to go in the genre and taken some inspiration from one of the originals. H.G. Wells had some amazing ideas and wrote some incredible books. One of his best ideas was Cavorite, which featured in The First Men in the Moon (Its free! Download yourself a copy). If its possible, his character reasoned, to have materials which are transparent and opaque to different forms of energy, why shouldn't it be possible to have a material opaque to gravity? It still seems like a pretty good idea today, so I thought I would have a go at designing an ad for just such a material.

I had a good look at some victorian adverts to get a feel for the style and made sure I got the copy in period too. The illustration shows the cavorite spacecraft which the heroes of the story use to visit the moon. That's where the main part of the story takes place, but as usual I got sidetracked by how cool it would be to fly around space in this contraption!

When I added this to Redbubble, I got a nice mail from Synaptyx (of Synaptees) asking if I would like to add some of my work to a group he admins called Corporation Inc. Of course I said 'yes please,' and they have been kind enough to feature some of my stuff on the group's main page. Thanks very much!

As always this design is available on all sorts of T-shirts, iPhone Cases and Stickers. Just go through the Doodle Dojo Store to find all the links.