Sunday, July 1, 2012

Arctic & European Oil

Arctic & European used to be a fish oil company, until triffids arrived.
Well whaddaya know? We're back to sci-fi! John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids to be precise. The lead character, Bill Masen, works as a biologist for Arctic & European Oil. They used to be Arctic & European Fish Oils until Triffids came along and proved far more profitable. They also turned out to  be slightly more dangerous as well though. Mobile, poisonous, carnivorous plants are a bit tricky to look after. Especially when most of the population is goes blind after seeing a 'comet' enter the Earth's atmosphere.

I based the colour scheme loosely on BP on this one to give it an authentic oil company look. But obviously illustration is what I'm doing here so it needed a Triffid to spice things up a bit. It follows the book description more than the (UK) TV series although that's probably what most people think of first.

This one is, of course, available as prints and iphone cases on Society6 as well as T-shirts and stickers on Redbubble. Full details at the Doodle Dojo Store.