Sunday, January 8, 2012

Urk Urk's Gaffi Stick Emporium

Urk Urk's Gaffi Stick Emporium. The best Gaffi Sticks in the Jundland Wastes
Urk Urk is the Tusken raider equivalent of Hatori Hanzo. If you need a quality Gaffi stick, he's the one to get it from. Just head out into the Jundland Wastes and follow Beggar's Canyon. It's just behind the big rock, you can't miss it! Plenty of bantha fodder is available for all our patrons, just make sure you come in single file to hide your numbers.

I don't think its possible to run out of ideas for Star Wars designs. Urk Urk is the way I refer to the Tusken Raider that knocks Luke out. I thought that they must have shops and stuff and why wouldn't they have an Emporium as well, I'm sure they aren't just savages!

Available on loads of stuff at Redbubble. Just check out the Doodle Dojo Store for more details.