Saturday, January 14, 2012

Horrible Weapons

Horrible weapons as used in some classic horror movies
Horror movies for me are all about the weapons. There are sharp ones, blunt ones and the more off the wall ones! So here is a selection of my favourites. If you had this little lot available I reckon you would be able to survive most zombie outbreaks without too much trouble.

Bonus points if you can name the films they come from too. In this case points don't win you prizes but you do get to be proud of your geekiness!

This is a slightly modified version of the design that I submitted to Threadless. Now that their 90 day period is over, you get to get your hands on it at the Doodle Dojo store instead. Click on through for more details.

In other exciting news (it is to me at least!) I have now started adding my doodles to Society6. So if you are in a helpful mood please feel free to take a look and click that promote button on anything that takes your fancy.