Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Did it Have to be Snake?

You can find some unexpected things in ancient tombs.
Indiana Jones finds some unexpected puzzles in most of the tomb he explores, but none as dastardly as the 90's phone classic, Snake. He hates Snake.

Sometimes you get a pun stuck in your head and it just won't go away. In cases like that I always think its best to give in and just draw it. Sometimes the result can be a bit more fun than you thought. I imagine Indy would hate this game just as much as the creature. There's probably more reason to dislike the game thinking about it. Its just so frustrating! It never reaches a conclusion which always makes you want to play again. My finger slipped off the key, I got distracted at the wrong moment, there are a million reasons you failed and they all make you want to have one more go.

Anyway, if you love snake (and Indiana Jones) as much as I do, you might like this design hanging on your wall, or on your phone. Or something else. I don't know! Just check it out at Redbubble and Society6 or get all the info at the Doodle Dojo Store. And if you like designs like this and want to hear about new stuff and special offers from me, sign up to my newsletter.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dancing Sherlock

The adventure of the Dancing Sherlock
Everyone loves a bit of Sherlock right? Well I do anyway so there! Its well known that Sherlock gets restless between cases and its also well known that he loves a puzzle. While flicking through my Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes I came across The Adventure of the Dancing Men, and it gave me this idea. I can just imagine Sherlock leaving puzzles for Watson to figure out. He would probably take some photos of himself in these poses and then text them to John. Much to his own amusement and John's total confusion. Figured out the message yet?

This design is available at Redbubble and Society6 on phone cases, cards, T-shirts, posters and lots of other stuff. Find all the details on the Doodle Dojo store.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Doodle Dojo Newsletter

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I've been looking at new ways to keep everyone updated with what's going on here at Doodle Dojo and I came up with the idea of an email newsletter. I don't want to scare anyone into thinking that you are going to get lots of spam, so I promise that you won't get more than 2 emails in a month. What you will get is news about new designs, interesting stuff and new places you can find my work, special offers and maybe even a giveaway now and then.

Yes giveaways! When shirt-a-day sites print one of my designs I usually do a sketch on the theme of the design and give it away on my Facebook page. This time I'm going to open it up a bit and enter anyone who subscribes to my newsletter. The even better news is that my next print is on Saturday January 18th, so if you subscribe before then you get entered, easy! So if you would like a chance to win the Shaggy & Scooby sketch in the picture up there, get on and sign up!

There's other news too, but I won't spoil it by telling you all here. You just going to have to subscribe to find out what it is.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Green Demon

The Green Demon, wildfire!
Its been a long time since I poster here! That's something I really should fix for the new year. I haven't been doing nothing since I did last post though, lots of drawings and doodles and all sorts of other art related stuff. But more about that later.

Game of Thrones has been one of my big obsessions last year. A great show full of intrigue, drama, violence, partial nudity and dragons. It doesn't get a lot better than that. Unless of course you fill it with British actors. One of the best bits for me was the Battle of Blackwater Bay where Tyrion proved himself a formidable general by using wildfire to fight off Stannis Baratheon's forces. In the books wildfire is described as 'the green demon'. That reminded me of Absinthe, or as it is sometimes known, the green fairy. So I had a quick look around at Absinthe labels and found one that I thought would serve as a good starting place. After that I only needed a few of my own tweaks to make it look right as a label for wildfire.

As usual this one is available at Redbubble and Society6 and you can find all the details on the new look Doodle Dojo Store.

Speaking of the new look Doodle Dojo Store (and taking the opportunity to add a gratuitous link again) I've made some changes over there to bring the place up to date for the new year. I also thought it might be fun to start up an email newsletter. I'm going to be telling you all about my latest designs and upcoming prints at shirt-a-day sites. I might even throw in a few exclusive giveaways to subscribers and special offers when they are available. Don't worry, I won't be spamming you every day! There will probably be one email a month and maybe the odd special for when there is something that just can't wait.

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