Monday, May 27, 2013

Ripley & Hicks Exterminators

Ripley and Hicks, for when its not just another bug hunt.
If Ripley and Hicks had survived the journey home from LV426 I like to think they would have set up in business. After all they both had extensive experience of dealing with unwanted visitors. Hicks had certainly been on a few bug hunts before. And despite every paycheck being a fortune in the corps, I'm sure he would have preferred to work for himself after his latest experience of someone else being in command. Besides they always have the ultimate backup plan. Take off and nuke the whole site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

I wanted to make this one into a bit of an old fashioned logo. I'm beginning to think I have a bit of a thing for victorian style logo design, so it got out the pencil and started working on a nice chunky type treatment and it sort of struck me that the texture and pattern would be the thing to make this work properly. So a bit of H.R. Giger research later, I came up with some ideas of how to give it that extra-terrestrial edge that it needed.

This one is (surprisingly) available on Redbubble and Society6 right now with all the details available on the Doodle Dojo Store. Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page to keep up with my latest designs and sketches.