Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ood One Out at Limiteed!

Ood One Out at Limiteed April 20-21
Its been a little while since I got round to posting here. Sorry about that! But I'm back with some good news if you are a Whovian. This design - Ood One Out - is going up for print at That means you can get your hands on it for the bargain price of £8 or €10 or even $12. Its only up for 24 hours, starting at 11pm UK time (6pm Eastern & 3pm Pacific) on April 20th, which means you have to hurry so what are you waiting for!

Obviously this makes it a very full Doctor Who weekend for me, with a new episode on as well, so I thought I'd up the Whovian stakes even more by giving away a drawing. Head over to my Facebook page and I'll put a post up when the shirt goes on sale. Share it and comment and you could win this Silent sketch! That can't be a bad deal can it? :)