Sunday, August 19, 2012

Galactic Empire

The spaceship and sun symbol of the Galactic Empire
Isaac Asimov is one of my favourite authors. He has an amazing array of stories spread over something like twenty or thirty thousand years of human history. A large chunk of that time is taken up by the rule of the Galactic Empire, which spread throughout the stars, and then degenerated until it could only collapse and be replaced by the Foundation. The emblem is described by Asimov as a cigar shaped spaceship in front of a stylised sun, so it leaves a little room for imagination in there still. I wanted to go for a fifties style spaceship as thats when most of his stories were written and this is the end result.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Licensed to Rebel

No sleep 'til Endor
Sci-fi and music in the same illustration. When I first heard the Beastie Boys I was very small indeed, much like when I first saw Star Wars. They left a bit of an impression, especially the iconic cover of Licensed to Ill. I'm not really sure how this mash-up made it into my head, but once it was there I had to see what it would look like. The Rebels and the Beasties are both pretty anti-establishment and there is no better symbol of the Star Wars establishment than the Star destroyer. Unless maybe its the Death Star, but then what would the destroyer have to crash into?

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Loki Logo

Loki - Great for mischief, mayhem and er, building things?!
A nice simple one this time. Loki is the mischievous god from Norse mythology who likes to cause a bit of trouble now and then. Just like those plastic building blocks that look so innocent during the day but at night seem to be made of razor blades and always find their way directly under your feet.

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