Sunday, October 7, 2012


Check out Ackbar's multicar Insurance Deals!
While watching TV the other day and an advert for Admiral Car Insurance came on. This is only going to make sense if you live in the UK I'm afraid but geography still counts for something in this world so there you go. I was idly thinking to myself that the only admiral I was ever bothered by was Ackbar and this idea just appeared straight away. I started sketching everyone's favourite Mon Calamari admiral, and in the end I was pleased enough with my doodling to turn into something a bit more polished up.

So here it is. A fairly weak joke based on a UK only insurance firm released into the wide world of the internet. Sounded like a great plan at the time.

As usual this is available at my Redbubble and Society6 stores on a wide range of awesome stuff. Head over to the Doodle Dojo Store to find all the info in one place.