Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dave Bowman's EVA Suits

The best space suits this side of Jupiter
2001: a Space Odyssey is one of my favourite films. Amazing visuals and great music with a strange story about the evolution of man. Not to mention a mad computer trying to kill all humans. So this is my tribute to the classic. My god, its full of stars! I'm afraid I can't let you do that Dave, etc. etc. If there is one person in the universe who knows his space suits, its going to be Dr. Dave Bowman. Just make sure you don't forget your helmet (supplied separately).

This doodle is available on T-shirts at the Doodle Dojo store via Redbubble right now in two versions. One with Dave and the other with just the logo. Its also up for voting on Qwertee which means that if you get over there and give it a vote (and get your  friends to vote as well ;-) ) it might be available in screen print quality at a very reasonable price.

Up for voting at
So make sure you get over there and give it a click!