Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game of Jones

These things belong in a museum!
I might have mentioned that I'm an Indiana Jones fan before. If not then this is the time I mentioned it. Anyway, one day I was looking at a Game of Thrones design and there was an Indy picture further down the page when I noticed the rhyme. Of course that's not enough to suggest a design on its own, but when I started thinking about the iron throne itself I wondered what Indy would have made his out of. That's when I started trying to remember all the weapons and artefacts I could think of from the Indy films and realised that it might be worth a go. Several sketch pad pages and a fair bit of re-watching Indy later, this is what I came up with. I tried to include as many long, mostly pointy things as I could and I'm quite pleased with the final result.

It seems there are some other people out there who like it too, which is why this design has been picked up by So on Sunday, September 23rd this design will be on sale there for 24 hours only. Its only $10 on a T-shirt and they also do a great range of stickers, magnets, hoodies and other stuff too. So if the timing is right, go and check it out.

If you do happen to miss the sale don't worry. This design is also available at Redbubble and Society6 as usual, you can find all the details on the Doodle Dojo Store.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Petit Rouge Rhapsody

Petit  Rouge Rhapsody
With a new series of Red Dwarf on the way (in the UK at least) I thought it was time to break out the pens and have a go at representing the boys from the Dwarf. I was thinking about an iconic way of showing four people as a team when the bohemian rhapsody pose wandered into my brain. It seemed to suit Red Dwarf quite well; is this the real life? or just a game of better than life? to paraphrase the song. Doodling time followed and I thought a more cartoony style suited these guys a bit better than too much reality.

Red Dwarf is a classic show and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the new episodes. If its half as good as some of the old ones it will be well worth watching!

If you want to get your hands on this work featuring the last human, his dead friend, a creature evolved from a cat and their cleaning droid, head over to Redbubble or Society6. You'll find it on stickers, iphone cases and of course T-shirts among other things. Full details on the Doodle Dojo Store.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Singin in the Rain

What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!
Clockwork Orange again! Its one of those films that sticks with you forever, or at least it does with me. One of the most disturbing bits (out of a pretty wide choice of disturbing bits) is when Alex and his droogs raid the Home farm. The cheerful tune of Singin' in the Rain really helps to underline the horrible treatment being inflicted on the innocent couple.

So obviously I wanted to represent that disturbingness somehow. When I saw a poster for the stage musical of Singin' in the Rain, it was obvious that Alex needed to be inserted. Its great when you find an excuse to draw something pretty much just for the fun of it!

As usual you can find this design on T-shirts, Stickers, iPhone cases and more at Redbubble and Society6. And all the details can be found on the Doodle Dojo Store.