Sunday, June 30, 2013

Would You Like a Jelly Baby?

Well would you?
Doctor Who has a very long history. One of the best of the many actors who played the part (in my opinion) is Tome Baker. The fourth Doctor was a pretty odd character and had some pretty good fashion sense. For an alien. I got a DVD of one of the fourth Doctors adventures for my birthday and of course after watching that I had to get out the sketchpad and get to doodling. It was The Ark in Space and despite a number of classic scenes of terror (and bubble wrap) it was the ending that inspired me most. As usual, just as everything is being sorted out, the Doctor says his goodbyes and offers everyone a Jelly Baby. Well what else could I do except draw a little something based on his catchphrase?

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hershel's Walker Barn

We've got more walkers than we know what to do with!
Do you need somewhere to store your loved ones while we work out away to cure them? Hershel has the knowhow to keep them safe and well fed. All we need then is a qualified genetic biologist or two and a fully equipped lab and we'll be able to restore them to normal. Probably. Unless there's a fire or something.

It took me a while but I finally caught up with the Walking Dead. And obviously once I did it inspired me to put pen to paper. Hershel's barn was a big enough moment to stick in my head pretty firmly. Once that other famous barn (belonging to Al McWhiggin) popped into my mind I knew I had to put them together.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Craggy Island Gothic

Father Ted and Father Dougal at the Parochial House
I've been watching a fair bit of Father Ted again lately. Great show, so sad it ended like it did. I would have loved to see what Dermot Morgan could, and should, have gone on to do next. Something about Ted and Dougal suggested that they would be perfect for a re-working of Grant Wood's classic American Gothic, so that's what I did. Obviously with those two the severe pose of the original had to go in favour of a confused expression for Ted and a surprised one for Dougal. There are very few times when Dougal isn't surprised by something. Such as the sky, or the ground, or by the fact that other people turn up and tell him that he is a preist.

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